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bernandino mountains. controversy brewing as alameda county considers the local use of drones. details next. tonight. police (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: waiting for confirmation that the charred remains found in the burned cabin in the san bernandino mountains. do in fact belong to suspected cop killer christopher dorner. this was the scene. where the shootout with authorities led to a fire at the cabin. tonight police are denying claims that the fire was intentionally set. they say, it was caused by tear gas canisters. late this evening. a couple spoke publicly about their ordeal. when they discovered christopher dorner in their cabin. >> he talked to ross, tried to calm us and he said frequently that he would not kill us. that is exactly how he said that. he told us about the man and the boat in the san diego that he was not going to kill him. he was the means to the and with them and that is what he wanted from oz, he wanted transportation out of big bear. >> pam: the couple managed to free themselves. then call police, who tracked
and tells us how the decision was made. >> the announcement was made in this rumor. they started off with 15 names and then attended names. e former. eddie de bartolo and tim brown did not even make the cut but charles haley move on to the next final round. and he did not make the final cut. we will have to wait another year. there were other players that made the connection and will be able to were the iconic jackets. warren sapp and larry allen who played college at the sonoma state that played most of his career with the dallas cowboys. finished his career with the san francisco 49ers. that is the latest from new orleans, will tran, kron 4. >> warren sapp and larry allen are not the only new names to be enshrined in the pro football hall of fame today. the list also includes bill parcells. cris carter. and jonathan ogden. also senior selections in fiske robinson. >> chris culliver is still working to clean up his image following some anti gay remarks made earlier this week. kron four's jeff bush explains what the niners defensive back is doing to make amends. >> reporter: fast a week in
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and gives us the latest. >> reporter: police say he was an innocent bystander. he was standing in front of this house when he got caught in the middle of the crossfire. police say he was shot 5 times and they recovered 36 shell casings. they've determined there were 2 shooters after finding cases from 2 different calibers. this gray pontiac across the street was also hit twice - once in the windshield and door. police say the barrage of bullets were discharged just before 5 oclock in the eveniing. police say this shooting is connected to another weeks ago on chester street. >> tonight the coast guard is collided with a small boat injuring two peoplethe golden gate ferry had just left sausalito on it's way to pier one in san francisco when the accident happened kron 4's scott rates was on the ground and brings us the dramatic scene. been of this was our kron 4 pm in the racccoon stra its had just left sausalito luckily, nobody on the ferry was hurt but the two people on the smaller boat were hurt. a doctor and nurse went from the ferry boat onto the smaller boat. this woman just sat down
us at peoplebehavingbadly@kron4.co m >> reporter: tuesday's shootings occurred in central santa cruz, a little more than a mile north of the beach. around 3:30 tuesday afternoon, two visited a home here at 822 north bran-ca-forty drive. this is where were both shot and killed by the suspect, jeremy goulet. after the shooting, goulet the scene. a short time later, as first responders tended to the fallen officers, goulet returned to the scene. he spotted here, behind 822 bran-ca-forty, on the other side of a fence. officers ordered goulet to submit, but he fled south down this alley. when he reached nearby doyle street, he was met by multiple police officers. gunfire erupted as the suspect and police exchanged dozens of shots. goulet was eventually killed here near 140 doyle street. clifford kron 4 news. >> we are learning much more about the two officers who loss their lives during the shootout in santa cruz. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, friends and colleagues describe both. as hard working and dedicated officers who will be truly missed by many. santa cruz police officer l
with a system to the north. it will impact us into tomorrow. we'll have more on that coming up in just a bit. we'll take a look at your weather headlines. a little warmer yet for the overnight hours. still chilly in some places. we'll see temperatures pretty mild tomorrow but increasing clouds as you saw. changes changes coming up. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> students and faculty are still occupying the administration building of city college in san francisco tonight. they're planning to stay there all night from testing a series of budget cuts recommended by the state accreditation board. the students say they want to talk to the chancellor face to face and discuss options to those cuts that would affect basically every facet of school's operation. the students entered conlin hall early in the afternoon and have promised to stay until their demands are met. >> we're calling on the chancellor to side with us and help the school. because we have a solution on thousand save the school without the cuts. unfortunately the chancellor has sited with the administration. we're calling that prop
cruz after going on a string of burglaries. kron 4's scott rates shows us the bizzare way that police were able to track down the crook. >> reporter: police say this stated here, started.... at the khyber pass restaurant when the thief busting through these doors during the night, then walking up to the cash register, he pried it open with screw driver. he was able to get nearly $ 175 from the cash register however, and after searching the bad guys digital camera santa cruz police were able to find a picture of 42-year old richard stripe investigators brought stripe in for questions and that's when police say he admitted to the burglarizing both the khyber restaurant and santa cruz glass right next door the mangier of the khyber restaurant says he happy santa cruz police were able to arrest. >> is great he got caught. >> reporter: scott rates, kron 4. >> we did notice some changes with dense fog. those clouds kept temperatures cooler. 58 degrees, and 10 degrees with nearly 70, yesterday in san francisco. however, still pretty warm in napa however, five, 10 degrees cooler and tomorrow
superdome they asked us to tidy up before the helicopters came in but it was not like that. >> with no electricity, no hot water, no running water, no toilets. >> reporter: those on board this nightmare cruise spoke to cnn about the living conditions. carnival's ceo apologized to all of the passengers and said they are paying for all transportation costs to get people back home. carnival said passengers have the option of a seven hour bus ride to galveston texas or houston. they could pfft also choose a two hour trip to new orleans. but, many already have family members picking them and want nothing to do with carnival. >> pam: san jose police say, the end result of case of domestic violence. appears to be a murder- suicide. a man and a woman were found dead in a home just after 4-20 this afternoon in east san jose. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with investigators who say it is possible. the suspect planned the killing.specifically for valentine's day. >> reporter: the two bodies were found in
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deasyshowing us items from kevin's disappearance scrapbook. you can see how much media attention the case broughtall those years ago. throughout that time, they both wondered every day what happened to their nephew. michael wonders why police failed to look more closely at dan therrian. >> he was arrested and ultimatly convicted in san francisco in 1982 of kidnapping and molesting a young boy and he got six months in prison and three years probation but almost as soon as he was out kevin disappeared. >> reporter: michael says there is cruel irony in the latest developments in the case. >> the kevin collins foundation had an office right next door to where this guy was on the corner of masonic and page street. we were at 1102. he was at 1108. and, it's sick to think this character was right next door. i don't think kevin was alive at the time but somehow, we feel, i feel that they should have been able to do something to catch him right then and there. >> reporter: michael hopes the truth clues will turn up but feels like justice may never be served. >> you can't do anything to the guy. he
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preying on visitors. at some of the bay area's most scenic points. kron4's terisa estacio shows us where. with it's breath taking views - visitors often pack the parking lot here at battery spencer - but in the last few months, thieves have zeroed in crowds, preying on those simple here to take in the sights. this is kevin cockery with the national park service. >> we have seen an increase. people get distracted and leave behind valuables. and sure enough, i found expensive electronics out in plain view, like this internet router, several gps devices, and look here, someone even left their truck open with their suitcases exposed. >> i shut it - just in case. >> we have been trying to get the word out. recently, the park service conducted an campaign to educate people to help crack down on the problem. >> we put report cards on the cars. plus they have performed some covert operations. >> we have caught people, that felt good. in the meantime, they add - they hope people will not get spooked by the breakins and stay away, but instead, take precautions with the belongings while enjoying
murder. kron 4's philippe djegal shows us the people who gathered tonight in her honor. >> we should not be referring to her as the past tense >> issue was a brave person. >> she was a beautiful. smart. talented. >> issue was very sweet. she went through a lot. >> she was very sweet. no matter what she went through, she always found someone to laugh. >> reporter: would do think of this? >> hold your children in tow close. friends and family say more than 300 people showed up to allen witt park friday night. to pay their respects during a candlelight vigil for 13- year-old genelle conway- allen. she was murdered in the park a week ago. a make-shift memorial has been growing in the area since the day she was killed. people stopped by to light candles, say and prayer and remember the slain teen. the victim's family members say they appreciate all of the support. and, on a day when the man suspected in conway-allen's murder was arrested. those closest to conway- allen say they are at least thankful. that the fairfield police were able to make an arrest quickly in the case. phillipe djega
. >> we are contacting all the marine us to see if they have seen anything from san diego to humbolt. to see if anybody has any information. the search continues for a missing family of four. the coast guard says a husband, wife and two young distress calls on sunday. saying their sailboat was sinking. kron4's charles clifford has the latest on the coast guard's search. and their efforts to try and identify who made the distress calls before the family abandoned ship. through out the day on sunday.... they also released and audio recording of the last know transmission from the vessel. >> coast guard, " card, we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: they are hoping that someone will recognize the voice. what they don't know are the names of anyone on the boat, where they are from, where they were headed, or how long they had been at sea. the vessle also apparently didn't have a working gps locator, or proper safety equipment, >> we are going to search for tonight and tomorrow. with more aeral searches. they are trying to figure out who this family is. when they run the name of the boat t
out. let us take a listen to some of the fans in peeks tavern. >> i feel disappointed. but i love my forty-niners and will come back. >> i am so proud of our 49ers. next year, with colin kaepernick. >> reporter: kron 4. >> as they slowly leave the bar the clean-up begins. they are all getting ready to clean up. you can see that there are a few people left but for too much everybody is starting to leak. at the republic a very sad night. people starting to leave... and they're going to come back strong and hopefully win the super bowl. reporting in the morning, scott rates, kron 4. >> reporter: it was such a close game emotions were high. but fans started losing momentum. when the forty-niners were down but s have time came and they started coming back in anticipation. in the end, it was a letdown. they cleared out. they were out on the sidewalk. for the most part it has been 80s in tonight and well-behaved but it was a difficult light for the most part it was a decent night. and a difficult-to- night. with a difficult-to- loss. >> at the corner of the union and buchanan. the blue lig
. wanted in connection of a bloody home invasion burglary. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the home, which police say, was randomly targeted by theives. the front steps of this home appear to be stained in blood. a clear indication of how brutal thursday night's attack in san francisco's noe valley was. police say a 69-year-old man was asleep in this green home on the 300 block of 27th street at around 10- 30 in the evening. when three men broke in. tied him up and beat him with a hatchet. police say while the suspects ransacked the house, stealing jewelry. the victim's 58-year-old roommate came home. and, he too was beaten with a hatchet. police say the burglary lasted about an hour, before the suspects ran off. investigators say the victim's were taken to a local hospital with serious cuts. but non-life threatening injuries. clarke de maigret lives across the street. saying crime is rare in this area. it's mostly homes, and mom and pop businesses that don't attract trouble. police say all three suspects wore dark clothing, and are all believed to be between 25 and 35 years old. tw
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